Services of Banking Clients

Dr. Mona Amer
  1. Provision of legal consultation to banks regarding their day-to-day operations, as well as the bank’s transactions with all other internal and external parties.


Representation of the bank before the Central Bank and all government authorities.

Formulate and review all legal contracts, e.g. loans, mortgages, investments.

Formulate legally binding agreements between the bank and its clients or government authorities.

Formulate and dispatch legal notices to debtors and defaulting clients.

Provide legal advice regarding all financial claims made by or against the bank.

Formulate and review the agendas and minutes of annual general meetings, board meetings, or top management meetings.

Review and provide legal commentary regarding insurance contracts, lawsuits, the recruitment process, contract termination, etc.

Formulate and review standard contracts that shall bind the bank and its customers.