Corporate Services

Dr. Mona Amer
  1. Incorporation and registration of commercial companies of all types

2. Acquiring all required licenses permits from the relevant regulatory authorities based on the company’s registered activities.

3. For public, limited, and foreign investment companies: Draft and review the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA) and its internal regulations.

4. Propose a functional structure for the company along with corresponding job descriptions for all its departments and employees.

5. Prepare a marketing and advertisement plan for the company’s activities on local and global scales.

6. Register trademarks for the company’s services or products.

7. Conduct feasibility studies and provide consultancy in various managerial areas, including finance, economics, and taxation, via our partnerships with university professors who also enjoy a long experience in the industry.

8. Propose and formulate any modifications to the company’s internal policies, while adhering to the applicable laws and regulations.

9. Handling cases and activities of company, dissolution, merger, traditional ‘liquidation’ bankruptcy, and adjustment of debts/reorganization bankruptcy

10. Prepare employment contracts for the company’s employees for any job function, in both English and Arabic, while adhering to the applicable labor laws.

11. Assisting companies in revamping their workflows and business processes, expanding their output volumes and expand their activities.

12. Assisting companies that face the risk of bankruptcy in reorganizing their debts, negotiating settlements with creditors, and reinvigorating the company through restructuring, by leveraging the expertise of our partners who are specialized in business administration and change management.

13. Assisting companies in attracting and finding financiers, investors and partners to fund their projects.