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Our Law Firm was established in 1994 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman by Dr. MONA TAHA AMER: the first woman to practice law in Sultanate of Oman and in several other GCC countries. Over the course of 24 years in Oman, Dr. MONA AMER grew her firm to become one of the most reputable and highly regarded law firms in the region. In a relatively short period of time, the Firm gained the trust of the local, GCC and Arab communities for providing highly professional legal services and boasting a highly competent crew, led by Dr. MONA AMER.
After 2017, the Firm’s headquarters moved to Cairo, Egypt, to continue to provide services to the GCC region and the other communities and countries all over the world.<...

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Dr. Mona Amer


International Arbitration

Dr Mona Amer has completed her masters and PhD degrees in civil and intern...

Annual Legal Services

Under the annual legal services agreement offered to corporate a...

Legal Translation

The Firm also offers certified legal translation services for official doc...


The Firm provides all services required to register trademarks and followi...

General Legal Services

  1. Formulate Oil &am...

Services of Banking Clients

  1. Provision of legal consultation to banks regarding th...

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