General Legal Services

Dr. Mona Amer
  1. Formulate Oil & Gas service contracts and their variants.


  1. Handle lawsuits involving assets, taxes, aviation, marine and off-shore services, and compensation claims.


  1. Formulate contracting and subcontracting agreements and resolve any disputes that may arise in their contexts between any of the owner, contractor, or subcontractors.


  1. Prepare local and international agreements, and provide legal opinion in English or Arabic, and in oral or written formats.


  1. Liaise between local, foreign and international companies, and locate investment opportunities within Egypt and abroad.


  1. The Firm can offer legal services in selected Arab and European countries outside of Egypt by leveraging its partnerships with some of the largest law firms abroad. Furthermore, the Firm shall coordinate the provision of mutual legal services with its partner firms’, which would save our multinational clients the time and cost of international travels and the effort of locating a reliable legal services provider in each foreign country.


  1. The Firm has a team dedicated to finding opportunities for investment, cooperation and joint ventures for local and international investors in all sectors. Besides, any other ensuing service needed to realize these opportunities, such as company registration services, can also be provided by the Firm, and in cooperation with our partners abroad if the client so requires.


  1. The Firm is willing to serve clients established in or outside of Cairo governorate.


  1. The Firm also accepts major criminal and financial lawsuits