About Dr. Mona Amer

Law Firm

Our Law Firm was established in 1994 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman by Dr. MONA TAHA AMER: the first woman to practice law in Sultanate of Oman and in several other GCC countries. Over the course of 24 years in Oman, Dr. MONA AMER grew her firm to become one of the most reputable and highly regarded law firms in the region. In a relatively short period of time, the Firm gained the trust of the local, GCC and Arab communities for providing highly professional legal services and boasting a highly competent crew, led by Dr. MONA AMER.
After 2017, the Firm’s headquarters moved to Cairo, Egypt, to continue to provide services to the GCC region and the other communities and countries all over the world.
Dr. MONA AMER’s Law Firm has a long history in the profession in all types of lawsuits; be they civil, commercial, criminal or international in Oman and the GCC region, as well as in arbitration cases and other extraordinary cases of public interest.
Also, the Firm enjoys a long experience in providing other types of legal services, such as registration of all types of companies and establishments, e.g. S.A.O.G, S.A.O.C and foreign investment companies, as well as technical drafting of business and commercial contracts.
Our Firm enjoys also long legal experience and high quality work. It recruits many lawyers and legal consultants specializing in various legal fields such as the criminal law, the commercial law and the civil law.
Likewise, Dr. MONA AMER’s Law Firm is recruiting a group of advocates specializing in all types of cases as well as execution of court rulings and follow-up of procedures in order to guarantee fast achievement.
The Firm draws on the rich diversity of skills and experience of its distinguished lawyers of various legal specialties. Furthermore, the Firm has partnered with specialists, consultants and academia in other complementary areas, such as finance, economics, accounting and taxation, management, corporate governance, insurance, engineering, and feasibility studies, so that our clients can benefit from an integrated package of services.
Our crew comprises active and dedicated multilingual administration staff. Moreover, our handpicked crew of talented semi-senior and junior associates specialized in judgment execution follow-up procedures work diligently to guarantee the quickest possible reclamation of your legal rights.
In addition to court-driven resolution of legal disputes, the Firm also offers its domestic, regional and international arbitration services under the close supervision of Dr. MONA AMER.
Dr. MONA AMER Law Firm’s Terms of Service:
  • The Firm offers legal advice and consultancy to its clientele by phone, email, or by appointment during working days.
  • In case a client faces an urgent situation that requires the presence of a lawyer at their location, beyond working hours, or during public holidays, the Firm will endeavor to dispatch one of its lawyers depending on the nature of the urgent matter.
  • Our experts and lawyers shall keenly follow-up on your matters entrusted to the Firm, under the personal supervision of Dr. Mona Amer.
  • The Firm acknowledges and upholds its clients’ privileges to confidentiality and non-disclosure of information and documents shared with the Firm.
  • Besides consultancy sessions, the Firm makes available an annual legal services agreement, through which the Firm provides services including but not limited to legal consultancy, contract drafting and revisions, employment contracting advice, as well as updates on the latest and most relevant regulatory issues, amendments, and ministerial decisions. Under this agreement, the Firm’s representatives will also, on the client’s demand, attend negotiations between the client and other parties, for which the client requires any legal assistance.
  • Our partnerships and joint ventures with distinguished legal firms abroad in Arab, African and European countries will allow a client with multinational affairs to benefit the services presented by our Firm in Cairo in collaboration with other firms abroad in selected countries, where our Firm in Cairo shall be responsible for coordinating such services, allowing our client to enjoy the convenience of managing their issues from one place.
  • Our multilingual staff can offer their professional services in English and/or Arabic, based on your needs and preferences, which would also facilitate managing your legal issues in non-Arab countries.
  • The Firm provides certified legal translation services.
  • In case of developments in a client’s affairs, including actions taken by us or by the client’s opponents, the Firm shall keep the client informed and updated through the client’s preferred communication method i.e. email or otherwise.
  • The Firm takes upon itself the obligation to inform the client of any updates, so that the client spares the effort of regularly asking the Firm for updates. Nonetheless, the Firm’s crew is always dedicated to responding to the client’s queries.