Annual Legal Services

Dr. Mona Amer

Under the annual legal services agreement offered to corporate and bank clients, the Firm offers the following services as per the client’s needs:

  1. Provide legal consultation in all legal matters, including regular day-to-day operations, in oral or written formats based on the need for urgency.
  2. Formulate and review the company’s code of disciplinary penalties, in either English or Arabic.
  3. Formulate and review all contracts and agreements between the client and another party, be it a private entity or a government authority.
  4. Prepare employment contracts for the company’s employees for any job function, in both English and Arabic, while adhering to the applicable labor laws.
  5. Attend the annual general meetings or board member meetings and prepare the appropriate meeting agendas.
  6. Provide our legal opinion regarding any negotiations that may occur between the client and any other internal or external party
  7. Advocate the company in misdemeanors or torts in which the company is party, and the police, prosecutor general, or the court, is the other party.
  8. Advocate the company in all civil and commercial cases in which the company is a party, before all court degrees.
  9. Provide the client with the latest and most relevant amendments to the applicable laws and ministerial decisions that affect the client’s activities.