About Dr. Mona Amer

Law Firm

The firm was established in 1994 as a law firm in Sultanate of Oman and now moved to Egypt.  The firm enjoys a long legal experience and a high quality of work for its recruitment of many lawyers and legal consultants specializing in various legal fields such as the criminal law, the commercial law, the civil law and the law of civil affairs. Moreover, the office has an experience in concluding commercial contracts, establishing S.A.O.G, S.A.O.C and foreign investment companies, providing full and integrated legal services, applying modern systems and programs towards providing best services for its clients in addition to observing a keen follow-up and contacting approach.

Likewise, the firm recruits a group of advocates specializing in all types of cases as well as execution and follow-up procedures in order to guarantee fast achievement.

The Firm draws on the rich diversity of skills and experience of its distinguished lawyers who have wide experience, and whose seniors enjoy 20-40 years of working experience, licensed to appear before all court instances from the Court Of First Instance to the Supreme Court, assisted by an active and dedicated multilingual administration staff. Moreover, our handpicked crew of talented semi-senior and junior associates specialized in judgment execution follow-up procedures work diligently to guarantee the quickest possible reclamation of your legal rights.

Apart from court-driven resolution of legal disputes, the Firm also offers its local and International arbitration services under the close supervision of Dr. Mona Amer.

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